It’s the New Year – time to get making wines for Summer! – January 2014

It’s the New Year – time to get making wines for Summer!  – January 2014

Believe it or not, January 1st is the time to start getting ready for the big thaw! Soon the winter will be a distant memory and the countdown to weekends spent at the cottage and lazy evenings by the pool will begin.

So now is the time to start making your wines for the summer. Every year from April to July our shelves are packed with white wines and roses for our clients to bottle and enjoy over the summer months.

Our best-selling white wine for the past three years in a row has been the Cru Select Italian Pinot Grigio. At only $185 for a batch of 30 bottles this works out at a cost of less than $6.20 per bottle. This really is a gem of a wine. An exquisite balance of citrus fruit and acidity, the bouquet reveals bright citrus and green apple aromas with honeydew tones. It can be enjoyed as soon as it is bottled but will age and mature in the bottle for up to two years. This is also by far the most popular wine that we make for clients making their Wedding Wine.

Another firm favorite (especially with our female clients) is our 6 week White Zinfandel. This is a fantastic rose wine. It is light with a delicate pink hue, strawberry aroma, and soft, slightly fruity taste. And at only $170 per batch of 30 bottles that comes out at an unbeatable $5.67 per bottle!

But it’s not just all about the white and rose wines for summer. This is also a time to enjoy some of our lighter red wines. One of my favorite wines always sees a peak in popularity at this time of the year – our Cellar Classic Australian Pinot Noir. This medium-bodied red is bursting with flavors of ripe cherries, red berry fruits and delicate spice notes on the palate. Layered aromas of strawberry, plum and black cherry spice are superbly balanced with oak. This Pinot Noir is fantastic to drink on its own or with ribs or steaks on the BBQ. At $210 per batch of 30 bottles the Australian Pinot Noir is $7 per bottle – a quality wine that cannot be matched by any commercial wine at that price point.

So whether it’s wine for the cottage, for summer BBQs & parties or just because you know you’re going to want to drink lighter wine in the summer, now is the time to visit Wines Unlimited and make your white & light wines for summer.