Our Wines

At Wines Unlimited, we have an extensive range of wines to suit all tastes, occasions and budgets. We offer a full range of classic favorites in all price ranges – and just like buying commercial wine, the more you spend on your batch of wine, the higher the quality of the wine will be and the longer it will age and mature.
All prices refer to a “per batch” cost of 30 standard 750ml bottles of wine. Prices do not include bottles, shrinks, or labels. A set of 30 new empty wine bottles are $39.88 plus tax. Alternatively, you can save yourself the cost of new bottles by recycling previously used wine bottles.
Cru Select travels the world to deliver outstanding wines from leading vineyards. These wines can be enjoyed young or allow it to age for a few months to truly discover the excellence of Cru Select.
Cru Specialty brings you truly unique and distinctive wines to stock your cellar and are perfect for all your holiday entertaining and gift giving. We always have in stock our Classic Port, Icewine and the very popular Cabernet Franc Icewine. And for Fall and the Holiday Season we stock flavored ports such as Toasted Caramel or Dark Chocolate Orange.
With our En Primeur Winery Series we have reached a new standard in craft wine-making excellence. En Primeur Winery Series wines contain varietal grape juice hand selected from leading vineyards around the world to create a wine of elegance in your glass. The En Primeur Winery Series white wines have been uniquely designed to bring out the best flavors and aromas in each varietal. The En Primeur Winery Series red wines are also made with grape skins and have intense flavor, enhanced bouquet and bold character.
Heritage Estate wines are good value easy-drinking wines that are made from concentrated grape juice. They take approximately 4 weeks to make and are intended to be enjoyed as soon as they are bottled.


When you are exploring our wines you will see a code after each wine. The chart below refers to the Oak, Body and Sweetness codes listed after every wine style.
U = Unoaked
L = Light
M = Medium
H = Heavy
L = Light
M = Medium
F = Full
D = Dry
O = Off-Dry
S = Sweet