The Winemaking Process



Making wine at Wines Unlimited really couldn’t be easier!


Visit us at Wines Unlimited today and let us assist you with selecting your wine. We then prepare the grape juice for you to stir and add yeast and it’s done. The grape juice will start to ferment and the wine-making process has begun. This part of the wine-making process only takes 10 minutes and no appointment is necessary.

Then you wait 4 – 8 weeks, depending on which wine you have selected. Or you are very welcome to visit your wine at any time to see how it is doing!


Once your wine is ready for bottling we will call you to arrange a bottling appointment. Your batch of wine makes 30 standard 750 ml bottles of wine. You can buy a set of 30 new 750ml bottles from us. Or you can recycle and re-use any wine bottles you have already (you can also re-use different sized bottles and wine bottles that have screw caps).

At the bottling appointment, you will sanitize and rinse your bottles and our automatic bottling machine will fill your bottles with your wine. The process of bottling & corking your wine, putting shrinks and labels on your bottles is great fun and only takes about 30 minutes per batch of wine (only a minute per bottle!).