Best of Summer Wines – July 2014

Nothing beats a nice chilled glass of wine on a summerWines_Unlimited_winemaking_full-38 evening. And here at Wines Unlimited – Oakville’s premier winemaking establishment – this is one of our busiest months helping clients bottle their summer wines!

Whether you need wine for entertaining, summer barbecues or for enjoying at the cottage, we have a terrific collection of wines for you to choose from!

Our most popular white wine is our Cru Select Italian Pinot Grigio – great value at only $185 per batch (just over $6 per bottle). This wine is exactly how a Pinot Grigio should be – dry, crisp but fruity. It is perfect on its own and can be enjoyed with appetizers, salads, light pasta dishes – actually, it can pretty much be enjoyed with all summer foods!!

Another popular white wine is our Cru Select Australian Chardonnay (also $185 per batch). Chardonnay is still a firm favorite with many clients as it’s a richer, more full-bodied white wine which can be enjoyed on its own, with BBQ fare and with most salads & pasta dishes. The best thing about making your Chardonnay is that we can tailor the oak content to whatever your palate desires. I prefer my Chardonnay to be heavy on the oak (like a classic Californian chardonnay) so I always add toasted Hungarian oak to my wine. But if you are a lover of classic French style Chablis we can make that too – it’s basically just an unoaked Chardonnay. So whatever you prefer we can tailor your Chardonnay to meet your tastes.

One wine that is always a summer favorite is our White Zinfandel six week juice wine. This rose wine is dry, fruity, easy drinking wine made from Californian White Zinfandel grapes. It is great as an apertif and many clients do like to lighten it by adding ice and lemonade!

Finally, I must mention one stand-out wine for this summer. We have just added three new white wines to the Cellar Classic Winery Series range – a Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. These wines cost $210 per batch which works out at $7 per bottle. And for that price the Sauvignon Blanc which is from South Africa is really of an exceptionally high quality. This superb Sauvignon Blanc has won numerous awards at the recent International Wine Maker Awards and I have been truly delighted by our customer feedback on this fantastic new addition to our summer wine collection.

Whatever your tastes are, visit Wines Unlimited today and let us help you find your perfect summer wine!