This Week’s Special Offer – Cathy’s Pick

This Week’s Special Offer – Cathy’s Pick


So this week our special offer is my current favourite wine. With so many fabulous wines to choose from, I find that I have a different favourite wine every month!

And this month my “go to” wine is our Winery Series Pinot Noir. This Australian wine is a medium-bodied red bursting with flavours of ripe black cherries, red berry fruits and delicate spice. Layered aromas of strawberry, plum and black cherry are superbly balanced with oak.

This wine is the perfect red for sipping and savouring over a cold winter’s night. It goes so well with almost anything – pasta, cheese, chocolate – or indeed nothing at all if you’re just in the mood for a nice glass of red to unwind after a long day.

From today until close of business on Saturday 24th our Winery Series Pinot Noir is reduced from $210 per batch of 30 bottles to ONLY $185!

Order today – you won’t be disappointed! Very happy to offer a 100% guarantee on this one – if you’re not completely satisfied with your wine when you come to bottle it I will happily take it off your hands and give you a full refund!