New Wines Unlimited “House Blends” – August 2014


HouseBlendBoardOne of the most interesting aspects of winemaking is the endless array of different blends of wine you can make. And one of the most exciting aspects about owning my very own “wine factory” is that I can spend time creating new and exciting blends using the high quality wines that we make here at Wines Unlimited.

At the end of 2013, I made what I thought was a pretty good blend of two RJ Spagnols wines – a Cellar Classic Winery Series French Grenache Syrah and a Cellar Classic Merlot. The combination was a smooth, easy drinking fruit-filled wine which was perfect for drinking over the Xmas period.

In early 2014, I decided to enter my Grenache Syrah Merlot blend into the 2014 International Amateur Winemakers Competition. I really didn’t expect it to be even recognized as it was a very young wine (only 5 months old at the time it was judged when most winemakers age their wines for upwards of three years before entering them into the competition). But I was totally delighted to discover that it received a Bronze Medal in its category of red blends.

Since taking over at Wines Unlimited in October 2012, I have improved our winemaking process and I have been encouraged by positive feedback from clients that our wines are consistently of a high quality. However, it was great to receive objective feedback from a panel of international judges at a blind wine tasting that my blended wine was worthy of a bronze medal.

So now here we are in summer 2014 and I am very excited to let you all know that we are going to be coming up with some new and exciting Wines Unlimited “House Blends”. Blended wine (where we combine two or more different wines) is becoming increasingly popular – most of us have heard of popular commercial blends such as Apothic Red, Apothic White, The Dreaming Tree’s Crush …. And the list goes on.

We would love to help our clients discover that they can enjoy wines from Wines Unlimited that contain the same blends as these popular LCBO wines. So please come in and visit us today to find out what “blends” we have on offer. And we would love to have all of your ideas too as to what new “house blends” we can start to make – if you have a favorite LCBO blended red or white please let us know and we can use our wine-making knowledge and expertise to come up with a WU version!!!