I went to bottle my wine last night and your sales associate was very nice and helpful. Thank you for a GREAT experience, I can’t wait to share these bottles with friends and family on our wedding night!


Just opened first bottle of cab-sav from the batch we bottled in May. I really hope it is not just this one bottle because it is probably by far the best “homemade” cab-sav I tasted!

Thank you and your team!

Have a great weekend.

We have been friends & loyal customers for years, are quite happy & recommend it highly to others.

In addition to top quality table wines, both red & white, for all occasions, we make speciality wines – sherry, ice wines & special flavoured ports – for entertainment & gift giving.

The boutique is handy & brimming with personality, friendliness & good conversation.

Not only that! Our family, friends & other guests love our “custom-made” delights.

Thank you Cathy, Pat & Lucas.


Frank Philbrook

I’ve started making my own wine over 25 years ago. When I came to Ontario, I’ve tried it at a few different places around GTA before finally coming to Wines Unlimited around 2004. Have been a very satisfied customer of theirs ever since. In my opinion, it is not just the (very wide) selection of wine materials that sets this place apart but also the knowledge and professional engagement of everyone working there.
I couldn’t believe it was possible but when Cathy took over the store she has taken the whole experience to yet another, much higher, level. It is always a pleasure coming back for another batch (or two, or three …).

I would highly recommend Wines Unlimited to anyone who is interested in making their own wine. Regardless whether they are completely new to the subject or consider themselves a “veteran”.


Andrei K


Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Although we haven’t had any interaction with Lucas both David and I feel very comfortable with you and pat. You and pat make a great team. You both are very knowledgable with the various wines and don’t mind us asking questions about the different types.

We tried a new wine last month but find the old one we normally make is much nicer. We just tried it because it was a little cheaper. We will probably go back to our normal wine.

Pat has been a great help when it comes to bottling which is great. I think the atmosphere and customer service has been great. Thanks very much

Have a great long weekend

Hillary and David

I will be bottling my wine August 29th ,2014 I expect their usual great help with what wine to make for my next batch always helpful owner and staff love bottling my wine here.

Kent Stirling

As one of your first customers, after you purchased the business in Oct 2012, I have to say that I have been very pleased with my overall experience to date.

You have gone to great lengths to upgrade the equipment and facilities to improve all aspects of processing and bottling efficiency, so that the time I spend in the shop has been reduced by about 25%, while quality of the wines has improved significantly.

The simplification of the available concentrate/juice/skins options is also appreciated and makes it easier to select the best combination to achieve my intended gustatory experience.

I have one suggestion to make you website more useful, and thus more visited, is to add either text or links to other sites having info on wine and food pairings. I often would like to get ideas on the best wine to serve with, say Bouillabaise or Osso Bucco, rather than guess, or be limited by my own biases.

Good luck in achieving a profitable enterprise, while continuing to deliver a superior wine making service to us Champagne loving beer budgeters.


I have been a customer with Wines Unlimited since its inception. Over the years we have progressed from the introductory level kits to now staying with the premium brands. It is always a pleasure to do business there and I always make a point of popping in to say hi when I’m in the plaza. The staff is fantastic and always ready with a new idea or to create a wine with a few extra ingredients to add some variety.

Looking forward to many more years of bottling.

Andre Hahn

Cathy: You have done a great job taking over the store from Norm. Lots of new stuff in there and better choice of wines, keep it up fantastic.

Joey D

Hello Cathy

All I have to say is I am extremely most satisfied with the customer service.

You make it so easy and accommodating.

I have enjoyed all of the wines that I have purchased.

I will continue ordering and recommending others.

Wishing you continued success.