Craft wine-making for weddings – May 2014

Craft wine-making for weddings – May 2014

Making wine for your wedding is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is wine to serve at your wedding, wine for the bridal shower or wine to be given away as wedding favors, we have all your wedding wine needs covered here at Wines Unlimited, Oakville.

As we all know weddings are an expensive business. But by choosing to make your own wine you can make savings without compromising on quality. Most of our wedding clients will choose wines from our Cru Select range – our most popular wedding wines in this range are the Italian Pinot Grigio (which is also our top-selling white wine) and the Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot (a very easy-drinking blended red wine). Both wines are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers.

If you are serving wine at the wedding then you will want cater for the number of guests you expect to have – the last thing anyone wants is to run out of wine! We can help work out how many batches of wine you will need and when is the best time to make your wine as some of our top end wines are better served once they have aged in their bottles for a short period of time.

If you are giving wine to your guests as wedding favors, then you will need to work out how much wine to make and then you will also need to decide on the size and style of the bottles you wish to use for the favors. Many clients chose to put wine for wedding favors in smaller 375 ml formats.

Whether you are doing wine to serve at the wedding or as favors, you will want to personalize your wine labels with the names of the Bride & Groom and the date of the big day. We will help and advise you chose the labels that work best for the style of your wedding and your color scheme.

You can never start planning too soon when it comes to wedding wine!

The first step is to call Cathy, the owner of Wines Unlimited and Wedding Wine Co-ordinator. Cathy can assist and advise you from the very start of the wine-making process until your bottling appointment when you leave with your very own wedding wine.

Making wine for your wedding really couldn’t be easier. Just call us at Wines Unlimited today and you can save money and impress your guests with wine that looks fantastic and tastes just as good.

We are Oakville’s premier wine-making establishment for wedding wine!