Christmas is coming …… Time to Make Wine!!!

Christmas is coming …… Time to Make Wine!!!

Wines_Unlimited_store+client_web-38Some of you out there have seen our fabulous new adverts on the Oakville Transit Buses and so you’ve already been in to make your wine for the holiday season. But this is another reminder that there are only a few short weeks left to make wine this year in time for bottling before Christmas.

This year we have so many new exciting additions to the Winery Series – three new white wines were added during the course of this year. Many customers who were buying the Cru Select white wines (at $185 per batch) have now made a Winery Series Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc (at $210 per batch) and every single customer who has done so has agreed they will be sticking with Winery Series in the future. The LCBO commercial equivalents of each of the Winery Series white wines are all in the $15 range so, at just $7 per bottle, the Winery Series whites are fantastic value for money. And with classy new labels you will be very proud to serve them to friends and family.

The other new addition to the Winery Series is The Winemaker’s Trio. This blended wine is very similar in style to the hugely popular Apothic Red which currently sells for $16.95 per bottle at the LCBO. The Winemaker’s Trio is a blend of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel. This is an easy-drinking red wine which is going to prove very popular with so many clients as it’s very approachable whilst young (you don’t have to let it age as long as many other red wines that we make) and it can be enjoyed either with food or on its own. At WU, we predict that The Winemakers Trio will be in our top three best-selling wines this Christmas.

Also on the top selling list will of course be the Italian Pinot Grigio in the Cru Select range (at $185 per batch). This has long been our top selling white wine through the year and at holiday season. And of course we can’t forget our top-selling red wine – the Winery Series Amarone (at $210 per batch). This wine is superb all year around but there is something very Christmassy about the aroma and taste of a classic Amarone wine which is made with dried raisins as well as grape skins.

And don’t forget that apart from stocking the wine cellar for holiday entertaining, now is also the time to think about making wines for holiday gifts. We can personalize labels (with your name, logos or other special designs) if you want to give away your craft wine for Christmas. And we also have a plentiful supply of the smaller 375 ml wine bottles if you are thinking of making one of our speciality ports or ice wines (all $165 per batch of 30 x 375 ml bottles).

And now the important part of the message – THE LAST DATE TO ORDER YOUR WINE FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS 31 OCTOBER 2014!!!

So don’t delay – come in today and Make Wine!!!